Doug C Brunner


Growing up as a dairyman, I knew very little about farming. My curiosity led me to learn more and essentially started my first company, DCB Farming. Little did I know farming was to lay the foundation of my future and the cornerstone of what has become The Ag Center.

Starting my own business was not easy. It took leaning on my family values, a lot of resources and trial and error (to say the least). I was fortunate to be raised with a history of family experience in the agricultural industry and attribute my early successes to the strong mentors in my life: my father who taught me the values of hard work; a grandfather who was a pioneer of his time and my father in-law, who is exceptionally creative and has a futuristic mindset that built an empire. The start-up experience of DCB Farming shifted my whole perspective on how to do business and who to grow businesses with.



Farming Manager

Josh was born and raised in Dos Palos with a family history in dairying and farming. Having worked for a local pest management and a chemical company, he acquired a vast array of experience in the Agricultural Industry. In 2015, Josh was hired on as a Farm Manager of DCB Farming and most recently started his own company, Bonds Farming. If you know Josh, you know he takes great  pride in his work. His standards, ethics and loyalty are second to none. If Josh isn’t working, he’s traveling or spending time in his community. 

Alejandro Chacon

Irrigation Manager

Alejandro was born and raised in El Salvador before coming to the Central Valley in 2006. Since starting with DCB Farming in 2016, he finds himself learning and conquering new challenges everyday in the industry. Staying active all day makes farming just that much more fun. He’s taken on the role of managing the irrigation side of the business and keeping systems in check. Outside of work, you can find Alejandro enjoying time with his two amazing kids.

Lexi Lanfranco

Office Manager

Lexi grew up in the small town of Kerman, CA. She grew up learning how important it was to have a strong work ethic from a young age. Throughout the years she could be found helping her dad farm or working at one of the family businesses in downtown Kerman. She attended California State University, Fresno majoring in Agricultural Business. She knew she wanted to continue to stay deeply rooted in the Ag community and became part of the Ag Center team just a few months after graduation. When she is not working in the DCB office or alongside her family, she enjoys traveling to new places near and far.



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